Diary – Summer 2010

Diary – Summer 2010

Welcome to the world Polly Jemima! Our baby daughter has arrived safely and she is absolutely wonderful (of course I am completely biase!). It’s been an exhausting few months, but Summer is here and it’s been a great chance to take her out and about!

Our bees sadly didn’t make it through the Winter, when we opened up the hive in the Spring, they had all sadly perished in the bitterly cold weather. We managed to get another swarm come June, and they have been busy in the hive since then. They are a lively bunch to say the least – slightly more so than the last colony. We have a feeling something has happened to the Queen and they are busy making a new one. We wait with baited breath to see if they’ll stick around once she hatches. We really hope so!

The chickens have been taking it easy of late. As bantams, laying eggs has never been top of the agenda. They will lay one egg between them and then leave it a long while until one of them feels like laying again. They do however keep all the creepy crawlies under control so pest control is still in operation. That’s something.

Wheatie Bags is open for business as usual and we have been very busy making and creating so hope to see you over the summer at one of the fayres!

Happy days x Zoë 

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